Our Mission

Save Sudan is built on the ideals of compassion and charity. We extend our resources to asylum seekers and refugees in need of assistance. Our intention is to be at the forefront of safety; providing resources, education, and funding to refugees searching for the light during these times of great darkness, these times of war.

As the victims of war require basic necessities, we assist them directly and indirectly in order to provide food, safe shelter, therapeutic services, general support, and grants.

We are continuously transcending to do more for those who cannot do for themselves.   



Founded by Sitreen Sinnette and Muallif Umar, Save Sudan was initially created to help support family members trapped in the heart of an ongoing war in Sudan. As the word reached Omdurman, Sudan, on the organization's efforts, an expansion quickly began. Save Sudan also continues to reach out to local and international charities as well as local organizations to bring support to the innocent lives during times of war.