Refugee Stories


I am Mohamed Mahmoud 


“Individuals most in need, are those affected by lack of medical care and treatments. Hospitals have either shut down or have been bombed. The economy is deteriorating, money is scarce, and people are unemployed. We have no viable water source. We bring water directly from the sea.  


What we need immediately is food and medicine. 


It’s imperative. 


It brings tears to my eyes. It breaks my heart.” 



*Spokesman for the South Belt District Emergency Room 



Interviewed by Save Sudan associate- Salma. 




Amira's Escape

I got out of Sudan in July of 2023. I left due to the fighting, due to the gunfire. Our home was shot up by bullets and torn to shreds. An airplane dropped a missile on our home. I left because the missile attacks were getting more frequent, and more aggressive (bigger, stronger). I left to save my life. 

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Five Children and a Missing Father

“I have 5 children. Ilive in my father'shouse; my father isblind. We have nofood today, there isnot enough money toget out of the warzone with my family.And my husband, wedo not know where he is.”

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