Healthcare Crisis and Economic Madness

Published on 19 October 2023 at 23:47

 Mohammad Kndasha 


 "The residents of Khartoum, who are in the line of fire, know first-hand that the capital has become a theater for military operations unfit for civilian life. The capital may be exposed to a barrel bomb, a MiG missile, a cannon shell, or even a stray and/or intentional bullet. They are also at risk of arrest without cause.  


There are those that talk about returning to the burning capital. They are currently out of harm's way. They are away from the death and destruction. They want to coerce innocent people into a no-win battle, back into the ‘Holocaust’.  


The healthcare crisis is catastrophic. Health services are so scarce you could the amount on one hand. The services are limited with the shortage of medicine and medical staff. In addition, ambulance and medical transport is non-existent and primitive (taxis, donkey carts)". 


Most of the markets and shops are closed and there are areas where there is limited food and rationed materials. In other areas, where such needs are available, they are in the markets of stolen goods, dangerous places and vulnerable to aerial bombardment and artillery.  


Some citizens have come to terms with the atmosphere of war and have been forced to save their lives in professions and crafts that provide services to people and Rapid Support forces, namely car mechanics and fitters, food and beverage sellers, telephone and electronic device dealers and maintenance technicians, and they are vulnerable to bombing according to their classification as cooperating with Rapid Support". 


"Currently, Khartoum is not suitable for families, and it is not a safe place for women, children, and people with chronic diseases," Everyone who lives in Khartoum is forced and has no other options, the humanitarian, security, and health situation is not suitable for return, "he said. 


"The time to return to Khartoum has not yet come," he added. 


Interview by Save Sudan Associate- Salma

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