We Wake to The Sound of Bullets

Published on 19 October 2023 at 23:00



 I am Hamado 


Conditions now as the war ensues:


We live in fear, horror, and are now in a very difficult predicament.   


There is little food, there is no work, people have been eating from home scrapings or what little is left in their pantries, and with the days end, so does the food.  


There are no jobs. We don't know what to do in order to save food, in order to find food, in order to eat. And the threat is everywhere, sometimes we move into and out of the neighborhood. We might move to try to stay alive. 


And now we are very tired. 

We wake up from sleep to the sound of guns and bullets. 


Bread cost one piece for 120 pounds. Before the war, we used to invite everyone over for food, now we can't, not stingily. But we simply can’t. We want to share our food with others in need, but we can’t. 


You can drink tea today and tomorrow there is none. We never know when supplies will be here.  


The circumstances here are very difficult; there is no work nor security, no rest, no food, no resources for us.  We can only say, ‘Thank God’ for what we have and that we are alive in this moment. 


What I said to you is nothing of what we're going through (just scratching the surface), but there's nothing we can do. 


Unfortunately, the relief provided by the countries was sold off instead of being distributed to the people and it never reached us. Weak souls were responsible for this. Some items in the markets are available, but at a very expensive price. 


We can only say, “Thank God. May our Lord rectify the circumstances, and let the country return to normal, and that we feel safe and secure once again.” 

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