Ali Suleiman; EMS

Published on 19 October 2023 at 22:36


I am Ali Suleiman 

Medical Field 

The people here are struggling with the inability to work and with retaining money. The majority of people lost their jobs due to the behavior of Rapid Support Forces. The Rapid Support Forces move against the citizen by beating and killing. There is an absence of money to buy medicine.  I see diabetics suffering greatly from lack of medication. People suffer from loss of income. 


There are a couple popular markets. Citizens cannot or will not buy there because the cost outweighs their means. Some ‘well-off’ families attempt to assist. Even they have trouble affording simple foods. They work to distribute it to neighbors, needy families, and families living in schools; those who have lost their homes are living in schools.  


People are suffering so much here (If today we find food, tomorrow there is none). 


We thank God anyway. 

This is the war in which the citizens lost by ten-thousand-fold. 


War delivers an unknown outcome, and we know not where it will end. Every day the citizen suffers more and more and more. And every day we hear the crying sounds of a deceased kidney patient's family, or we hear of a heart stopping due to lack of medical attention.   


For the majority of patients with epilepsy, neurological issues, nerve pain, heart problems, and diabetes, treatments are non-existent.  

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